Monday, April 14, 2008

Self-esteem Survey

These are the results of the self-esteem survey that was done in Los Cardones High School as a part of the Multilateral Comenius project. In the questionnaire we tried to analyse and compare the self-esteem levels between the Spanish students and the students from Finland, Portugal and Italy. The survey had 36 questions in order to evaluate self-esteem.
The students answered the survey at school and it was private. (Their partners could not see their answers). The questionnaire was at Los Cardones High School web page. We didn’t consider the sex of the student to do the survey, so the results don’t contemplate if they are male or female.
The age of our students is between 15 and 17 years old, and they are in fourth grade at secondary school. The total number of surveyed pupils was 83.
Concerning the results we have concluded:
The average of self-esteem score is 55. So we can conclude that most of the students have a high self-esteem level.

It’s important to stress that any of the students had a low self-esteem level.
In addition we’d like to mention the answers to these two questions:
Question number 30 “I’ve always thought that my parents don’t like the way I am”: 72% of the students answered “Doesn’t correspond to my personal experience”. We can say that they have a good relationship with their parents. This result surprised us because we thought it is not a usual behaviour at this age.
Question number 12 “When I look at myself in the mirror, I don’t like me”: 54% of the students answered “Doesn’t correspond to my personal experience” and 23% “Hardly ever corresponds to my personal experience”. We can say that most of the students like themselves.


Patsy Allen said...

We attend high school in a small town in Texas, USA. We are doing a project about the self-esteem of high school students. While researching, we found your web site.

Where did you find the survey you used and could we also have permission to administer it in our school?

friona said...

Dear Spain,
We are the students of Friona High School in Texas. We are doing a project for FCCLA on self-esteem and we came upon your page while we were researching. We liked your survey and we wanted to get in touch with you to compare are results with yours. We also would like to see about becoming partners with you. Hope we get in touch soon!
Friona FCCLA